Executive Director's Message


Dear Parents and Students, 

As we commence yet another academic session, we welcome you with a sense of ready confidence that we are going to provide you the best in academics.

 As an academician - administrator, I understand that there is always a question before we take admission in any of the colleges, be it professional or non-professional, “why this particular college”? Often, we look for Grades, Accreditations, Add-on courses, Skill development programs, Placements, or any other parameter of that institution one thinks would add to his/her career ahead. 

Similarly, when someone takes admission here, one would ask oneself: ‘Why BSSS IAS’? and it is quite natural. My answer is, we meet all the expectations of the applicants for a professional course like MBA, catering the above-mentioned criteria for selection. 

The coveted destinations for MBA are Pune and Bangalore. This could be because of the standards of syllabus, teaching learning, Industry Academia Connect, placements and other such similar pedagogical methods. But do we have any alternative in Bhopal itself? My answer again is: Yes. BSSS IAS is. Then, how do we equip the students? Let me explain to you.

 The syllabi can have certain limitations but we can always enhance learning through Add on Courses. The Post Graduate Programme in Managerial Development Course that we have designed with utmost care, is to enhance the syllabi with additional elements of sustainability. It stands as unique with a certificate at the end of four full semesters. It has practical components to harness acumen in extensive research and analysis.

  1. Industry Academia Connect. I agree that we do not have many industries in Bhopal but have good enough to make visits necessary enough for learning. Originally the industry connect is meant for placements and I think we were second to no one for we had 42 plus industries that visited our campus in the very first year of our inception. What is important is that we have trained the candidates and mentored them to be worthy of the kind of industry that visit the campus for Placement.
  2. The Summer Internship (SI) is another important aspect provided here to the students for hands-on and substantial learning. The Companies that come for recruitment do give weightage to the experiential learning acquired through SI. And that was testified in practice when the recruiters once said to a student on wait for appointment, that it will be confirmed after seeing the SI Report.
  3. We do give substance to the existing system through industrial visits and other skill development activities. The activities that are conducted in the campus are specifically designed and structured to add to personality development and grooming through confidence building.

There are manifold chances, grand opportunities, and plenty of scope for betterment at BSSS IAS for those who want to grab the plethora of avenues provided here. It is just a question of ‘Do you want to’? And this is the reason for anyone to take admission here at BSSS IAS. 

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ―Walt Disney 

Wishing you strength of mind, body, and character to actualize your dreams into reality!

Dr. Fr. John P.J.
Executive Director