Executive Director's Message


Dear Parent and Students,


I was waiting for the closing of admissions before I could address you through this page regarding certain pertinent matters related to the current academic year. 

Thanks to God Almighty, for His blessings throughout our two years of nascent journey. Registrations are rapidly growing every passing year and so are the admissions. We have set the first five years as First Phase of growth and we have so far crossed number of mile stones just in two years’ time period, be it in placements or in academics; with corporate relations or other major tie ups. 

We have two M S in Management programs from Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand which is exclusive for corporate personnel, and another major tie up for our students with Synergy University, Russia. 

Let me tell you parents, we had taken a google response from the students to the query as to what prompted them to join BSSS IAS. And I was pleasantly surprised by the students’ response in consensus and rightly so, that they were impressed with the Add on Course that we offer namely, Post Graduate Program in Managerial Capacity Building (PGPMCB). This is a Post Graduate Degree Program designed in-house, in consultation with the prominent Corporate Houses endeavoring to cater to their requirements for efficient Managers. I am glad to inform you that Synergy University, Russia, through their state policy and process has adapted this course in their post graduate degree program. They will also partner for teaching and conduction of examinations for all four semesters of the programme. I think, over the years, such additional programs will make BSSS IAS unique and one of its kind in the whole of Central & Northern India. 

The student feedback responses also prove that they are keen to assimilate knowledge and take home the best, in this short stay of two years in this institution. They have, of course, appreciated the college initiative for Summer Internship for two months and Rural Immersion Program for 10 days that will provide them a substantial push in their journey as a budding Business Administrators. Believe me, we shall keep curating such programs with the rightful understanding that while each one is driven by a unique vigour, it is the right blend of pertinent knowledge, vocational aptitude and sincere commitment that helps to unravel the dynamism within. 

The fulfilment of all that we do is felt more intensely and ardently when an alumnus like Ajita Thomas, who is from our first batch and the first student to have taken admission in this prestigious institute, writes in LinkedIn that she got a double promotion in six months’ time and has been promoted as an Assistant Manager of a prestigious Company. This speaks of the performance level of our students and indeed, without doubt, the INSTITUTION! The feeling of having acted well and true to the role are in itself a sufficient reward for us. 

Wish every student very best and thanks to the parents for placing your trust in us. Let us hold hands to embark together on this transformative journey towards excellence. God Bless!


Dr Fr John P J

Executive Director