An Overview

Life Skills are significant for the overall development of students and professionals, consequently playing a critical role in helping them to acheive professional success. In order to have strong personality and to strengthen their minds, the students need to complete the Life Skills Modules course before the start of MBA program.   As a knowledge provider, BSSS IAS gives special emphasis in our mission of enabling students to achieve excellence in the learning process and in building successful careers. We play a unique role in achieving the excellence through:

Learning and Research

Innovation and Continuous


The emerging new areas within the business environment, Information Technology and allied sectors have tremendous impact on industry output; hence they require special actions from the Government, non-government, and business organisations alike. These emerging areas on one hand require new and enhanced human resource skills to deal with such changes. The add-on curriculum of BSSS IAS MBA aims to address these issues and meet the requirement of industry and other stakeholders.

The Curriculum is dynamic and enriched by research output with continous up-gradation of knowledge. The specialization in the second year aims to stimulate and prepare learners for the long haul. It is industry linked and as per the stakeholders' demand. The course is designed in a manner that the overall learning goals in the programme are achieved and synergy is created between course-work, fieldwork, summer internship and industry project.

Summer Internship and live projects further accelerate the students' learning curve. The Summer Internship cell invites the offers from various industries, consultancy firms and research organisations thus providing a platform to students to showcase their knowledge. The students have to work on the problems and task as assigned by the interning organisation and at the end, produce a Summer Internship report.

Adequate emphasis is given to soft skills development along with the regular academic program. Group discussions and aptitude tests are conducted at regular intervals to enable the students to improve their performance during placements.

Medium of Instruction - English