Dr. J. G. Sankar - Other Publications





A Systematic Approach to Analyze The Impact of E-Business to Create a Sustainable Business Environment,2022





Presented a paper entitled “Factors influencing adoption of Digital Payment System – An application of UTAUT2 model” in “Conference on excellence in research and education ” organised by IIM, Indore,2022


Presented a paper entitled “Adoption of Big Data Analytics” in “International Innovative Practices for Sustainable Development: Business Management and Analytics” organised by Jain University, Bengaluru.,2022


Presented a paper entitled “Influence of Internal Marketing on Employees’ Organisational Commitment in Hospitality Industry” in “Business Management and Analytics Conference” organised by NIT, Tiruchirappalli. Adjusted "BEST PAPER AWARD".,2022


Presented a paper entitled “Impact of culture on Internal Marketing and Employee Satisfaction relationship” in “International Conference on Management of MSMEs” organised by IIM Amritsar.2022


Presented a paper entitled “Dining intention and experience after Covid – 19 Lockdown” in ISDSI-Global Conference 2021 “Leading Business in a Fluid world” organised by IIM Nagpur. ,2021


Presented a paper entitled “To Examine The Service Quality Dimensions In Wellness Tourism And Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction” in the International Conclave on “Globalizing Indian Thought” organised by IIM Kozhikode.,2021


Presented a paper entitled “Acceptance  of  Block  chain  Technology  in  Tourism  & Hospitality Industry – UTAUT Model”, International Conference on Tourism & Sustainable   Development   –   Issues,   Challanges,   and   Best   Practices,   Organised by Mangalore University, Mangalore.,2021  


Presented a paper entitled “Let’s Have a Chair for them: Transgender & organizations” in the International Conclave on “Globalizing Indian Thought” organised by IIM Kozhikode.,2020  


Presented a paper entitled “UTAUT Model for Flipped Classroom", National Conference on Innovative Librarianship: A Foresight on Technology, Practice & Services,  Organised by Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. Adjusted "BEST PAPER AWARD".2019  


Presented a paper entitled “An Empirical  Investigation of Service Quality of Health Tourism in India”, National Colloquium on Good Health and Well Being, Organised by University of Madras, Chennai.,2019  


Presented a paper entitled “The Challenges of OER and factors that influence students to accept OER – An empirical evidence”, OER 2 OEP: A paradigm Shift, Organised by Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Adjusted "BEST PAPER AWARD".2019  


Presented a paper entitled “Swadesh Darshan Sceme – Pondicherry Spiritual Circuit: Opportunity for FDI in Tourism”, International Conference on FDI and Make in India, Organised by Alagappa University, Karaikudi.  Adjusted "BEST PAPER AWARD".2019  


Presented a paper entitled " Various Tourism Products provided by Ministry of Tourism - India" Business Analytics - A roadmap to Innovative Entrepreneurship, Organised by Fatima College, Madurai. 2019  


Presented a paper entitled “Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing”, International Conference on Bridging and Securing: The responsibilities and aesthetics in media, society and literature, Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.2018  


Presented a paper entitled " A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour of DSK Benelli in TamilNadu", National Conference on Economic & Social Science Development - Managerial Issues in Morden Business Environment" Organised by MEASI Institute of Management, Chennai,2017  


Presented a paper entitled “Significance of employee empowerment in services industry,” National Conference on Perspectives on Human Capital Formation and Utilisation in India, Organised by Berhampur University, Berhampur2014  


Presented a paper entitled “Study of Government policies and initiatives: An instrument to drive the Tourism and Hospitality industry towards the growing horizon in India”, International Conference on Business Paradigms in Emerging Markets, Organised by NIT, Rourkela.2014